Portraits of a Constant Dream, is a series of female portraits, entirely hand embroidered. They portray a close up of one face which becomes two, with no clue as to the era. The faces are almost identical, however, one is always bigger, more present, hiding half of the other. There is no space on the canvas for anything but this landscape of skin which creates no distractions for the viewer.
The meticulous intertwining of threads that depict skin creates a new form of transparency that unveils the person behind the face. What hides beneath the surface? These women stare at us but in reality, they are looking within themselves, questioning their contradictions, revealing their doubts. Their openness and vulnerability even allows the audience to see a part of themselves when looking at the subjects. Davidovici places her own unique spin on the medium of textiles and by layering threads like a painter would with a paintbrush, she re-interprets the face differently, giving a new shape to these faces, opening a door for a reinvention, a new skin, a new story. 

Portraits of a constant dream
2021 - 12x16cm