Un Millénaire and Francesca are still lives of objects that have never 'existed', interrogating the emotional links between real and virtual with material and desire. 

Before being embroidered, these objects were created as synthetic images via physical simulations on a computer. 

Their pictorial subject is draped fabric, which for both of us evokes an ineffable past: is this due to long-forgotten memories of the fabrics that swaddled our first days? Is it our collective cultural history, centuries of techniques and artistic rendition, which has found its way into our work? 

After freezing the movement of our virtual fabric on the screen, we introduce it to reality through a ritual which transforms it into something tangible, provoking a desire to caress : the act of embroidering, which is one of patience and abnegation, is for us an act of love. Through this orphean movement in which images created on a computer rise out of the warm existence of fabric, this is the story we are telling: of love and of the reconquest of a missing past. We rely on the restorative powers of art. 

Cécile Davidovici - David Ctiborsky