May 16th to June 16th 2019 : << 1988 at mi*galerie Paris 



November 2022 : Fundraising Art Auction for Arms around the child at Christies, UK. 

May 2021 : GET A LOAD OF THIS! Daniel Raphaël Gallery, London, UK. 

September/October 2020 : CARTON PLEIN! Courcelles Gallery, Paris, France. 



December 2022 : It's nice that  

July 2022 : Arts in the city (in french)  

March 2022 : Metal Magazine  

October 2021: Caillou Paris (in french) 

March 2021 : Create Magazine curated by Christopher Jobson 

plus a Create Magazine website itw 

February 2021 : Textile Curator 

February 2021 : This is COLOSSAL 

November 2019 :  

August 2019 : 60secdocs 

June 2019 : i24 news TV feature (in french) 

June 2019 : 9Lives Magazine (in french) 

May 2019 : Les Inrockuptibles (in french) 

April 2019 : Les Inrockuptibles (in french) 

After completing drama and theater studies, french artist, Cécile Davidovici (b.1987) decided to study filmmaking in New York City as her next step. Whilst in NYC, the movies that she wrote and directed have been displayed at festivals throughout the world, some receiving multiple awards. Following her mother's death, Davidovici felt a need to replace images and sound with physical, tactile materials. From these intensions and successful discoveries, Davidovici has been able to adapt this new medium to allow herself to anchor her art in the moment. Making the medium of textiles her own, playing with threads in the manner a painter would with paint, she is carving out her very own niche within the complex world of contemporary Art.