French artist, Cécile Davidovici (b.1987) started her artistic journey as a filmmaker. After studying history of art in Paris and filmmaking in New York City, she wrote and directed movies that have been displayed at festivals throughout the world. Following her mother's death, Davidovici felt a need to replace images and sound with physical, tactile materials. From these intensions and successful discoveries, Davidovici has been able to adapt this new medium to allow herself to anchor her art in the moment. Making the medium of textiles her own, playing with threads in the manner a painter would with paint, she is carving out her very own niche within the world of contemporary Art. 


2024 - Pick you way -group show- Lee-Bauwens Gallery - Brussels 

2023 - La vie silencieuse -  Cécile Davidovici et David Ctiborksy - Est Galerie - Paris 

2021 - Get a load of this! Curated by Mollie E Barnes - Daniel Raphaël Gallery - London 

2019 - Project <<1988 -  mi*galerie - Paris 



2024 - Sant' Orsola Museum, Florence, Italy. 



2023 - International Women's Day Auction with Art On a Post Card, UK - Curated by Bakul Patki 

2022 - Fundraising Auction for Arms around the child at CHRISTIES, UK - Curated by Jason Colchin Carter 



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2024, Femmes d'Arts, Episode #59, Marie-Stéphanie Servos